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EasterEgg Hunt & Easter Bonnett Parade

Easter Sunday 16th April 2017

12:45 on Village Green



HABCOS Quiz Night


Friday April 1st 2017. 7.30pm

Bower Hall, Wellentonia Ave

Contact Jenny Guinn for details jennygwinn@btinternet.com


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Animal and Fireworks

Whilst we all enjoy Guy Fawkes celebrations around the 5th November, please take into consideration the affect this can have on the animals who share our village.

Fireworks are the cause of great distress for lots of animals this time of year. Many residents are animal lovers and its heart wrenching to see your beloved pet stressed and visibly frightened.

We have around 200+ horses in the village. This time of year is of great concern to horses owners, Fireworks are a distressing and potentially fatal experience for horses. Horses flee from danger and as a result they can end up harming themselves considerably in the process. Many horses have ended up needing veterinary treatment though injury and colic which can be fatal.

The fire risk is also of great concern to the several farms in the village. Hay, straw and manure heaps are all easily ignited by stay fireworks.

Please be considerate if you do celebrate with fireworks, firecracker types are particularly distressing and please THINK where you are firing them and where they will land.

There are many organised displays in the area which are far safer and impressive. These can be found on various websites.



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